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How about people with no history of mental illness don’t comment on what people who do should/ shouldn’t do to overcome it?
Sometimes there is no overcoming, just adapting. (via wifelife)
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No goodbyes okay?

I hoped we would have had a longer time together. There was a lot of stuff I still wanted to experience with you. I won’t ever regret the seven months we were together. I’m heart broken that things didn’t work out the way we had both wanted but I honestly believe we made each other better people. I still love you and I think I always will. I have never encountered such an honest and loving person. It’s a shame to me that not a lot of people understand you and that they judge you without actually knowing what’s going on. They’re missing out honestly. You made me the happiest I’ve ever been and gave me things no one else could. I understand you Jess. I love you. And I’ll be rooting for you and your recovery.

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